Find a college that fits you and your wrestling

Wrestling Recruit is an online, searchable database of colleges that offer wrestling as a sport. Over 370+ colleges are in the Wrestling Recruit database, complete with links to their recruitment forms, admissions and academics, plus coach information (name, email address, and phone number) and tuition, average acceptance rate, and net cost.


Recruitment Forms

Making yourself known to a college wrestling coach has never been easier, with a quick link to the recruitment questionnaire at your fingertips.

Coach Information

The name of the wrestling team's coach is listed, with the majority of all the colleges in the Wrestling Recruit database also having the coach's email address and phone number. Try finding that information quickly without Wrestling Recruit.


Finding a college that matches you can be hard some times. With Wrestling Recruit, that is made much easier with the ability to filter colleges by division, state and gender (male or female wrestling program).

College Info

Tuition (in and out of state), average net cost, and acceptance rate are all available without leaving Wrestling Recruit. Just click on the college name and the information is right in front of you.

Admissions and Academics

Just like the Recruit Form quick link, there are quick links to the admissions and academics portions of the college website. Getting all the information you need about a college has never been easier.

Student Account

If your a wrestling coach or buying Wrestling Recruit for your wrestler, your account comes with a secondary student account. With this account, users cannot edit any account details and the password is different from the main account, making it perfect to give out.

Find A College

Even with state, division, and gender filtering, sometimes it still can be hard to find a college the fits you. With the Find A College feature on Wrestling Recruit, you can select the distance from your current location, the size of the college, and your wrestling skill level to find the perfect college.

Android Application

Wrestling Recruit goes wherever you go with the Wrestling Recruit Android App. The app allows you to filter colleges and bring up the college info, coach contact information, and the quick links. That means you can contact a college coach straight from your Android device (phone and tablet).

Interactive Map

To make finding a college more visual, Wrestling Recruit offers an Interactive Map, which allows users to move and zoom around a map with all the colleges displayed by markers at their locations. The colleges can still be filtered on the map by division, state, and gender and all the relevant information is still available.

Constant Updates

The Wrestling Recruit behind the scenes software is smart enough to know when coaches are fired and when links go out of date. Anytime one of these actions happen, the staff at Wrestling Recruit are notified about it and that information is soon corrected.